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Channel Zero

The Channel Zero black snow cult lurks among the ruins on the underside of cyberspace. It is directed by the words of failed dub experimentalist turned apocalyptic media prophet Blind Humpty Johnson. As Channel zero has spread its ideas have been denounced as confused and unsound.

Blind Humpty Johnson has taught Channel Zero to anticipate an impending interruption of the global media system. He foresees that, as all the signals collapse into noise, a sub-primordial chaos entity will arrive.

Channel Zero says that nothing comes out of the black snow.

Channel Zero webcast, date uncertain:

As Milton slid into blindness he tuned into the zero channel of sub-primordial night
The silent howling beyond the screen
That was his blind vision
Channel Zero's blind belief
The black snow is coming
And nothing comes out of the black snow

Black snow is when all the talking heads dissolve into Chaos TV
When all broadcasts converge on noise
When all signals have been interrupted
When things without order or shape flood out of the snow-blind monitors
Out of the static, the silent howling of the Tohu Bohu Show

There is no programming in Tohu Bohu
In Tohu Bohu there is no pattern, no information, no content and no format
There is no pulse or harmony in Tohu Bohu
Nothing is created in Tohu Bohu, which has neither place nor existence
Infinite realities proceed from Tohu Bohu
At zero hour is only Tohu Bohu

Channel Zero says you ain't seen nothing yet
Not until the black snow hits

Nothing comes out of the black snow.
Nothing comes to you through Channel Zero
Coming to you unlive
Coming to you unrecorded …
Zeroing in on you

That's what we foresee
A wave of black snow
An impending absolute collective blindness
And from among the tatters of electromagnetic shadow
Seething out of the lost signal
Pour the chaotic myriads
To return the earth to its sub primordial state.

Nothing comes out of the black snow