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Inside the Architectonic Order of the Eschaton


AOE ambitions are to be everywhere forever.
At first it might appear hard to believe, but once you're inside it seems virtually inevitable ...

One way to hide conspiracy is to induce generalized psychotic paranoia, by way of sporadic but intense semi-random persecutions.

Your telephone starts clicking strangely, and the next bill has suddenly doubled. When you query it the telecoms receptionist seems to be scarcely suppressing laughter ... Mysterious vehicles park outside your home for extended periods, without anyone getting out. All your mail has been opened and clumsily resealed with sellotape.

Using e-mail wires you straight into the AOE net-mind. Try posting a message including the term Y2K+ and see for yourself

Well orchestrated micro-campaigns are equally effective. All your supermarket bills are overcharged by exactly $1.11. Or, every time you pass a certain street-light a different stranger says politely: "It won't be long now, will it."

After a few weeks of this nothing is quite connecting, all your friends think you've gone loco, and a range of body-tics have broken loose ... Credibility degree zero. They could take you on a guided tour through the AOE Hall of Records after that, with perfect confidence ...

Such tactics are accompanied at the macro-social level by a media-oriented strategy, designed to exhaust conspiracy theory with selective diversionary assassinations, deliberately plotted for baroque complexity. The JFK hit was exemplary. AOE had no problems with the man - if anything, they liked him - but the opportunity was too good to miss. Live TV and radio, video-footage, three different angles of fire, obvious dupe (himself assassinated by another obvious dupe), cubans, mafiosi, pentagon involvement, meticulously composed FBI lies, multiple enquiries, innumerable books, and - just to stop things cooling off - a blockbuster movie. This might be small beer for the guys who exterminated the dinosaurs, but it sufficed to lead paranoid social-critique into a dead-end labyrinth for close-on thirty-six years ...

The final level of systematic camouflage is supplied by the AOEs own dead-skin layers of polymasonic pseudo-magic: an entire artificial anthropology of robed and incense-soaked grand celestial wizards babbling senseless incantations and corrupting the magistrature. Consider the Roman Catholic church: a long-decayed zombie-cult stinking of rotten Christ-meat spasmodically pumping-out dry-ice fake-mysticism with an authoritarian slant and major mafia involvement. AOE compounds the effect by organizing periodic and increasingly theatrical assassinations of the pope. For the last half-hearted attempt they used a deranged KGB-linked Bulgarian satanist whose initials spelt the hermetic acronym AA.

Mere conjuring tricks, all of it.

Serious magic is too big to see. It consists of boxes within boxes within boxes ... endless embeddings, encompassings, and concentric closings of circles, topographic correlate of summonings, banishings, and bindings.

The universe is an obvious AOE fabrication - who else would have invented an ultimate sealed-system and organized unity, obedient to pre- established laws? Establish One at the top, and the pyramid falls into place automatically.

Magical-Power requires a production of effective spells - order-words or command-codes - instituted by metatronic naturalization of restricted reality structures, crystallizing anti-sorcerous strategy as Read Only Memory or spent time. AOE has always understood that it is by constructing the past that one colonizes the future, founding authoritative Will in anterior decision of - big-B - Being, From created substance to programmable technicity. Sorcerous involvement is locked into magico-religious dimensions of time: past and future, programme-prophecy slicing through spiralling coincidence, vortical becomings crushed into a freezer-stack.

The White Atlantean tradition takes an initial lie and turns it into chip-architecture. It lenses through Plato, inheriting an entire metafictional relay-series - nine-millennia of pre-packaged fake-time - back from Socrates, through three generations of the Critias paternal-line, to Solon, and the Egyptian priesthood, returning to the white-out inundation of a lost-continent, clean slate. Plato's Atlanteanism assumes periodic hydro-annihilations of literate culture. These catastrophic erasures of all recordings that provide an abstract state-format social- amnesia slot for massive artifial-memory implants: starting again from transcendent unity. AOE origin of Western philosophy, or magico-religious metamyth Post-diluvian brain-washing command-logic sedimented into grid-print hardware and cross-coded by tight-syntax social-control.


Empire of the Magical-Sign.